We see it all at Open Door!

Our vets, staff, and volunteers often say “we’ve seen it all” when it comes to strange injuries and illnesses. With more than 250 cats on site daily, and 600+ cat adoptions annually, in addition to our hundreds of low cost spay/neuter and T.N.R. cats we serve each year, this is especially true for felines. However, no one had seen anything quite like Tiger’s injury. Tiger is an awesome boy whose looks and personality make him highly adoptable. Except, we noticed he was having urinary issues we needed to resolve first. Once infection was ruled out, Tiger got an x-ray to see if there were stones or something else causing the problem. Our vets and staff were surprised to see what the “something else” was. It appeared to be a BB shot inside his bladder! Thinking it may be just lodged in the tissue rather than actually inside the bladder itself, we performed an ultrasound which confirmed the BB is actually inside the bladder – rolling around! Tiger had surgery to remove the BB (seen here on x ray) that must have been “the shot of a lifetime” according to our vet Dr. Crystal Harding for it to have perforated the bladder without rupturing it. It is pretty amazing – but unfortunate for poor Tiger!   He is resting comfortably today and will be up for adoption when fully recovered.  Come meet this sweet, resilient boy!