Open Door remains open to serve the public during the crisis

Open Door will remain open to the public daily from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM as always. We will have staff and volunteers here taking care of our cats and dogs each day no matter what comes.

We would appreciate donations of dog and cat food for our pet food pantry for members of our community who are having and will have trouble affording food to keep their pets in their homes. Thankfully, Purina supplies food to meet our resident cats and dogs’ daily needs but we have many in the community who rely on Open Door for supplementary food and our current crisis will undoubtedly increase this need. For those who use our pantry service, please call ahead to insure availability.

Additionally, we will continue to need donations of cleaning supplies and other necessities (yes, toilet paper!) so we can adequately care for our residents. If you have extras – please drop them by – we would appreciate it!

And, of course, we need financial support! If you can’t do anything else – please DONATE to help us continue to be the community resource we have been since 1975.

We will also continue our low cost spay/neuter clinic as scheduled unless otherwise notified. We have a long list of pets in need of spay/neuter to serve.

Most importantly, we will continue to be OPEN FOR ADOPTIONS! It is hard for any of us to imagine being in quarantine without a furry friend, or two, or three……And, if you have an Open Door rescue, please continue to share your stories of the love and support they are providing you during this time.

From all of us at Open Door – stay strong and be safe. Thank you for your ongoing support!