The Founders Circle

Join our Inner Circle of Philanthropy

The Founder’s Circle was formed in 2014 in memory of the two dedicated women who founded Open Door Animal Sanctuary in 1975 – Joan Costello-Oetting and Carol Perkins. Their vision of giving every animal that comes to Open Door a second chance at life is to this day our guiding principle for the sanctuary. We will forever be grateful for their dedication and determination to give hope to all creatures, great and small.

The Founder’s Circle honors those who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more. This group of distinguished donors support Open Door’s mission with their extraordinary charitable gifts and are considered part of our inner circle of philanthropy.

Open Door recognizes members of the Founder’s Circle each year in the Honor Roll of Donors published in our newsletter, on our website, and at the annual Founder’s Circle Appreciation Dinner.

Please contact our Director of Development at for more information.


Animal Medical Center of Park Hills
Judson & Kathleen Armstrong
Matthew and Casey Arnold
Athletes for Animals
Cornelia Aversa
Brian Baker
Mike and Cathy Bateman
Mary Ann Bednar
Randy & Billie Jean Benz
Estate of Richard Bick Jr.
Elizabeth Biddick
The Boeing Company Gift Match
Carolyn Bopp
Wendy and Les Borowsky
Mark and Susan Bronson
The Dana Brown Charitable Trust
Charles David Buchholz
Jill M Burleson
August A. Busch III Charitable Trust
Carol House Furniture
Ione Chase Estate
Ruth Shirley Chase
Robert Checkley
The Chod Family Foundation
Dennis and Sharon Cloud
Kevin Coleman, M.D.,  Millennium Pain Management
Gina and David Deckman
Kathryn G Favre Charitable Foundation
Harriett Felman
Four Legged Kids, Inc
Charlie and Kathleen Freeman
Edward Chase Garvey Foundation
G’Sell Bros Concrete
Cathy and Jim Gidcumb
Susan Gillham
Mark Gordon
Martha Grove
Chris Haire
Martha Harbaugh
Geri Hufker and Celeste Ruwwe
Amanda and Kendall Itoku
Richard & Lesa Johnson
Shannon Kellenberger
Ann and Don Kelley
George Kieffer
Bronwyn & Georgia King
Mark & Heather Krapf
Doris M. Layman
Mark Leifield & Lynn Rowan
Kent and Susan Lerbs
Stephen & Amy Levin
Kuarin Lind
Robert and Judy Magraw
Danny Marion
Jack Marks
Gary Ault and Cathy McCredie
Anthony Michael
George and Bonnie Moore
Robert Mueller
Lynn Neill
Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Eugenia Ann Nichols Trust
John & Laura Niewoehner
Cindee Null
Petsmart Chartites
Shirley R Pfister
Plastic Surgery Center of St. Louis
J. Dwight Prade
Linda Rasmann
Estate of Bernice Reisenhofer
Greg and Nadine Rinehart
In memory of David D. Roberts DVM by his wife Sharon Roberts
Stef Robinson
Greg Romire
Andrea Rothbart
Susan Ryan and Brian Butts
Teresa Scheel
Beth Schlegel
Larry Schnieders
James & Phyllis Seidler
Jonathan Sidarous
Jane F. Simmerman
Donald Soper
R. Thomas Spalding
Sue Stangler
David & Katherine Stevens
Daniel Stock
Robert and Pamela Stover
Mary Strauss
Bob and Marti Stricker
Tatman Foundation
Greg and Valerie Thebeau
Cyndi Trauernicht
Michael & Carol Underriner
US Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vajda
Michael & Laurie VanCleave
Raymond & Laurie Van de Riet, Jr.
Nancy Van Dillen
John & Nancy Wagner
Karen Wentzel
Edward and Patricia Willey
Michael Wiseman
Craig & Donna Wood
John & Sherry Wood
Richard Wood & Mary Bourguignon
Terry Yenigues


M.I. Industries

Open Door Animal Sanctuary does not receive any city, state or federal funding. It is the generosity of people and organizations that make our work possible. We recognize that each contribution represents a judgement of trust in our ability to help the animals, and we are deeply appreciative for every bit of support that we receive. Donations from individual persons provide a significant percentage of our annual funding and are essential to sustain our work. Open Door is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. By giving to Open Door you have the opportunity to permanently change the future of our animals. Open Door has so many wonderful animals that need new homes. Even a small donation will make a BIG difference! A $50 gift can go towards spaying or neutering a pet. Donations – large and small – can help a young kitten that needs special medication or help a dog get the immediate care that it needs to get adopted.