Become A Pet Pal

Are you looking for a great way to support some of our  unadoptable animals, the ones that will always call Open Door home? Our Pet Pal program does just that. When you make your minimum monthly donation of $10, you are providing daily care for one of our lifelong residents. The majority of our Pet Pals have been with us for over a year and are considered special needs. Their special needs are either medical, age related, or behavioral. Every penny  we receive through this program goes directly to the care of the cat or dog of your choice.

While there is always something going on at the shelter, our Pals take time out of their busy play and/or sleep schedules to keep in touch with their sponsors. They love to send updates, letters, invitations to special events, and photos to their Pals throughout the year. When you become a Pal to one of our Pets, you help to change their lives.

Sponsor one cat or dog year-round to be your “Pal” with a $10.00 monthly donation!


Here are some of our favorite Pet Pals:

Open Door Animal Sanctuary does not receive any city, state or federal funding. It is the generosity of people and organizations that make our work possible. We recognize that each contribution represents a judgement of trust in our ability to help the animals, and we are deeply appreciative for every bit of support that we receive. Donations from individual persons provide a significant percentage of our annual funding and are essential to sustain our work. Open Door is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. By giving to Open Door you have the opportunity to permanently change the future of our animals. Open Door has so many wonderful animals that need new homes. Even a small donation will make a BIG difference! A $50 gift can go towards spaying or neutering a pet. Donations – large and small – can help a young kitten that needs special medication or help a dog get the immediate care that it needs to get adopted.