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So people are coming in here all the time and they’re all, “Good kitty, Halo! What a sweet kitty!” and I do my thing, you know? I jump off my perch and rub on their legs and purr and purr. I don’t really know what they want, but they seem to like that. Only, here’s the thing, right? I used to live in a home with a family, a dog, kids… the whole enchilada. The other cats here, they talk about “adoption” and a lot of them don’t know what it’s like, but I do. It was wonderful. I ended up here because of “military.” I told them I would enlist, too, but they said five is too young for the military and that I’m not tall enough. I really thought I would be an asset, but… their loss, I guess. Anyway, so the good thing about the shelter is that I get to meet lots of people, which I love. The bad part, though? I have to live around all these other cats. HARD PASS. I am NOT A CAT PERSON. So basically, this place is okay, I guess. But I really want a home. Can you help me out here? Come on up and give me a chance or at least give me a share so that someone else might see me. Thanks, dude! You’re the best!