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I know it’s the orange boys who get all the good press, but I’ve got a trend alert for you: FIV positive tabby boys are the new Orange. Take it from me- Godzilla- I may not really be an expert on fashion, but I happen to be an FIV positive tabby boy.
Now I guess I can’t speak for ALL of us, but I know me, personally? I LIVE to cuddle with you. I know, I know- I look a little beat up with my folded ear and my stubby tail and scars. I bet you look at me and think, “Wow, I bet he’s bad to the bone.” LOL PSYCH. Guess what?! I’m not! I’m like… super tranquil. I’m a bigger baby than any of the kittens. Like here’s what I want in life: to sit on your lap, nap in slightly unconventional places, and occasionally share your human food with you. I have no problem with other cats or dogs. Kids? Love ’em. If you’ve got hands for petting, I don’t care what size they are.
One plus to being such a Buddha-like fellow is that hey- this FIV? I’m not gonna spread it to other cats. That’s right- I can live in your house with your cats and we’ll all be just fine. I know it sounds scary to some people, but it’s not! I will likely live a long, healthy, happy life and you’ll never know the difference. And hey, if SOUNDING scary meant something WAS scary… well, I wouldn’t be named Godzilla, would I?
But I am- I’m Godzilla, I’m about three years old, I’m a dedicated cuddler who gets along with everyone, and I’m neutered, up to date on shots, and fully vetted. 

Available for adoption at:

Open Door Animal Sanctuary
House Springs, MO (near St. Louis)