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Heya buddies! My name is Topper- BOO! Hahaha did I spook ya? Don’t worry- I’m a softie. Yeah, I can see where some people think I’m pretty scary. That used to be kinda my job- a junkyard dog should be big, with a big bark just like me! But all that time, I had other dreams. I mean, who really WANTS to be on the end of a chain, skinny and missing half their hair? Who wants the only thing people know about him to be “big dog, big bark”? There’s a lot more to me than that, you know. For example, did you know I LOVE toys? Scratch that, no- I’m OBSESSED with toys. I can hear a squeak a mile away. If I don’t have toys, I’ll play with a rock. I’m not even kidding. And did you know I’m super smart? Try me- show me any kind of treat puzzle and I’ll have it worked out in like five minutes flat. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! And, of course- I already said I was a softie, but it bears saying twice. I’m a teddy bear. I’d rather have affection than food. See? You miss out on a lot if you just dismiss me as a junkyard dog.
So this shelter thing, though- compared to my old life, it’s actually pretty sweet. But I hear it’s just a step on the way to something even sweeter: a home of my own. I have a few requests, of course- I’d like to be an only child. I’d like a super-soft dog bed. And I’d like a whole basket full of toys. I’m eight years old- after eight years without all that stuff, I think I pretty well deserve it now.
So have I got you convinced? Come out and give me a chance- get to know me a little. Tell me a few dad jokes and throw the ball for me. I bet you anything we’ll be best pals in no time.

Available for adoption at:

Open Door Animal Sanctuary
House Springs, MO (near St. Louis)