Our Featured Pets

Open Door has so many wonderful animals that would love to become part of your family. Maybe one of our featured pets is the perfect fit for you!

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This is Charlie. He just wants to be loved. He wants out. It’s true he has things that make him tough to adopt. Being a 6-year-old pit bull is dealbreaker enough for most people. Add the fact that he would do best as an only pet and that knocks out 90% of his prospects. But we know there’s someone who just needs a best buddy and doesn’t care about breed or age. And Charlie? What a best buddy he is! He loves fiercely, he listens attentively, and he’s so eager to please.  If anyone deserves a miracle, it’s Charlie. We know it’s possible. If he’s not the dog for you, share his sweet face with your friends. Let’s do this, friends! It’s Charlie’s turn.