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I’m Marshall and I have a proposal for you. Hear me out. So maybe getting a cat really isn’t on your radar right now. Maybe it’s never even really occurred to you that you could have a miniature tiger as a roommate. But I mean, think about it: doesn’t that sound amazing? For one thing, what could be more metal than chilling with an apex predator after work? I can’t think of anything. Think about it: you can tell everyone, “Yeah, he could take down a full-grown shark if he wanted to, but I’m not scared of him. He respects me,” and everyone you know will think you’re like, a beastmaster. You don’t even have to tell them the truth: that I’m a gentle soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Actually, I’m sort of on the cautious side. I was abandoned next to the dumpster about six months ago along with 19 other cats, all of us taped up in plastic boxes. I love other cats, but it takes me a little while to really warm up to people. Once I do make a human friend, though, I follow them EVERYWHERE. Like, you should probably get used to the idea that going to the bathroom may no longer be a solo activity for you. I uh… I just want to protect you, you know? Make sure there are no bad guys in there.
So, I propose that you take me home and we protect each other. You keep me safe from cars and snow and hunger and promise I’ll never be abandoned again. And I’ll scare away all the crocodiles and the ghosts. Guaranteed: once you have me, you will never see a single crocodile or ghost anywhere near your apartment.

So if you’d like to go in on a little quid pro quo, come talk to me! My name is Marshall, I’m five years old, and I’m neutered, up to date on shots, and fully vetted. I’m available for adoption at:
Open Door Animal Sanctuary
House Springs, MO (near St. Louis)