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5 1 16 vol logoWhether you have all day or just a few hours, we are always in need of volunteers. You can help us make a lasting difference in the lives of the 400 cats and dogs we care for every day and you will get to work with some very dedicated and passionate people who care about the welfare of animals as much as you do.  Whatever your interests might be, we are sure to have something rewarding for you to do. Individuals and groups are welcome to volunteer regularly or on an “as needed” basis helping with special projects and events both at the shelter and at off-site events.

How to become a volunteer

All it takes to get started are a completed application and participation in a brief orientation.  Volunteers must be at least 13 years old.  If you are between the ages of 13-15 (Younger Volunteer), you will need to be accompanied by a parent or adult (age 21 or older.) Click here to download the Volunteer Application and agreement and either mail (6065 Duda Road, House Springs, MO 63051), email (volunteer@odas.org), fax (636-671-1308), or bring in your completed application to Open Door.

Once your application and agreement have been reviewed by our Community Outreach Manager (volunteer contact), you will be contacted by phone or email with upcoming volunteer orientation dates. There is a nominal one-time $20 fee to help cover training costs. With this, you will receive a volunteer t-shirt that is to be worn while volunteering at Open Door.   If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Walgamott, Community Engagement Manager, at: 636-671-3643.

If you’re under 13 years old, there are still many ways you can help our cats and dogs:

  • Organize a collection drive for pet food and supplies – get creative by hosting a movie night or ice cream party for your friends, with a shelter “wish list” item as admission.
  • Start a fundraiser, like “Pennies for Puppies” or “Coins for Kitties,” at your school. Make it a competition among classes, grades or clubs.vol our lady kids
  • Start a dog-walking or pet-sitting service in your neighborhood and donate the money you raise or use the money to buy supplies for the shelter.

Volunteer Opportunities

We want each volunteer to feel that he or she is a part of our team, each important to our overall success.  The shelter could not exist without the support of our volunteers who bring a diversity of interests, knowledge, expertise and caring to our organization. Here are just a few ways you can help:

Dog and Cat Enrichment

The shelter environment can be stressful for our dogs and cats, but volunteers can help ease that stress by providing enrichment activities.  Every dog and cat needs assistance to become more adoptable and enrichment activities can help make a big difference in the quality of life and shorten the length of stay at our shelter.

Dog Enrichment – includes walking, general socialization and becoming a “quiet time” companion by sitting with a dog for 10+ minutes to pet and massage them. You can even bring a book and read to them! Not only does the massage feel good, but the dog will learn how to stay calm in the company of people.

Cat Enrichment –includes brushing, interactive play sessions and becoming a “quiet time” companion by sitting with a cat for 10+ minutes for a snuggling and petting session.  This will help the cat learn how to stay calm in the company of people.

PetsMart Luv-A-Pet Adoption Center 

We need volunteers to help care for our cats at our satellite adoption center located in Chesterfield PetsMart.  Duties include cleaning, feeding and socializing the cats and screening potential adopters.

Pet Photographer

Help promote pet adoptions by taking pictures of our animals to show them at their best. The photos will be placed on our website and petfinder.com

Friends of Open door (formerly the Auxiliary) Volunteer

The Open Door Auxiliary Board provides support services to our sanctuary. This group plans and executes various fundraising events throughout the year and are always welcoming new volunteers. Meetings are held the third Sunday each month. For more information contact: Lil Scherer at 314-832-9892

Facility Maintenance

We are proud of our facility and need to keep it in tip-top shape by keeping all areas clean and sparkling. Volunteers help maintain the public areas of the shelter by mowing grass, raking leaves and general facility cleaning.

Volunteer Projects

There are many great projects volunteers can choose from to enhance the quality of life for our animals.  Why not hold a pet food drive, a car wash, or a bake sale to raise money to donate to our animals. Here are some fun craft project suggestions

vol blankets

Foster a Dog or Cat – Adoption Ambassador Program 

We are always looking for kind-hearted people who are willing to open their homes to animals in need. Many of the animals we take in need extra tender loving care. Being part of our foster program makes you an integral part of the animal’s health, happiness and well-being. Whether you are taking in a shy adult cat that needs socialization, a dog that has just had surgery, or a litter of kittens/puppies that we don’t have a spot for, you will become part of our team.


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