Our Featured Pets

Open Door has so many wonderful animals that would love to become part of your family. Maybe one of our featured pets is the perfect fit for you!

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Sweet RILEY needs a loving, low-key family to match her personality!  She is a coming two year old, spayed, female Great Pyrenees.  She is currently in a foster home and can be visited there or arrangements can be made to bring her to Open Door so you can meet her here.   She is completely house trained.  She is quiet in the house and hasn’t shown any propensity to chewing up things or anxiety when alone.  She is very loving once she knows you, but is very shy and leery of strangers and gets anxious in unknown places.  However, she bonded quickly with her foster family and follows the youngest member (10) around “guarding” her.  She will bark (and sometimes growl) when approached by a stranger entering her home (which is common for this breed) but she is not aggressive as she will run away and hide unless reassured by her person.  Although shy/scared at first with the two other dogs in her foster home, she is doing better now and starting to get more friendly/interactive during supervised play times.  Her prior owner reported some food aggression with their other dog (growling/snapping) which is another common behavior with this breed and should be managed by feeding separately and not leaving food out 24/7 if you have another dog.

A SECURELY FENCED YARD/AREA IS A MUST FOR HER OR ANY OF HER BREED TYPE.  Un-fenced off-leash time is NOT recommended. Recall off leash is nearly impossible to teach this breed. Also, Pyrs are very sensitive and do not do well with a harsh handler (verbal or physical) nor are they very good candidates for obedience training so if you want a highly obedient dog, this is not the breed for you!  That being said, she is mellow, does not jump up on her people, or get rowdy in the house and would respond to gentle training methods (to keep her off the couch etc….).  She will be a great pet for someone who takes the time to build her trust and confidence and can provide lots of love!  A a low key home with older children, or a single/couple household with either no other dogs or another low-key dog would be ideal for her.  Her beautiful coat is in great shape but will require extensive maintenance and/or trips to the groomer though or it may mat and cause skin problems so keep that in mind as well.  Do you think you may have a good home for this beautiful girl?  If so, call Carrie at Open Door Animal Sanctuary – 314-805-1502 or 636-671-3643 and ask about Riley.



alohaMy name is ALOHA. Did you know that my name means several different things in Hawaiian? I think it just means, “a beautiful cat that you need to have.”  I love to be brushed and petted, but I’m not a big fan of being held. I am mostly a lazy girl that loves to lounge in sunbeams, but I do get the occasional wild hair and take off playing with a mouse or ball. I was here  as a kitten and I found a home, but something happened and they brought me back. So I’m waiting for a new family to come and fall in love with me. Come on down to the shelter and say “ALOHA” to me, just don’t use it when it means goodbye.