Amazing Rescues

In addition to accepting owner-surrendered and stray cats and dogs at our sanctuary, Open Door rescues cats and dogs from unhealthy, unsafe and abusive situations. We see some incredibly challenging cases and do everything within our means to give all cats and dogs a second chance for happiness. Each animal has a face to remember and a story to tell. Many of the precious angels who arrive at Open Door recognize for the first time in their lives that there can be love and trust in the world.

Here are a few rescue stories and a glimpse at how these special pets have touched our hearts. Please consider making a donation to help our animals and support the good work we do. No donation is too small to make a difference.

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1 1 16 floodMr. T Survived on His Own For a Week!

We rescued Mr. T  on April 1st after receiving a call from a good Samaritan. This poor guy had managed to drag himself to her porch to ask for help. He was in visible pain and his face was mangled. We’re not sure, but he was likely struck by a car. His jaw was broken and his nasal cavity was infected. What’s even sadder, our veterinarian told us Mr. T’s injuries were over a week old –  to think about how he suffered broke our hearts. Surgery was necessary to repair his broken jaw and a feeding tube was installed. And now he’s on the mend, thanks to our good friends at Watson Road Animal Hospital. If you would like to help us care for Mr. T and other injured cats and dogs, please donate to Tom Cat’s Repair Fund.

Trooper’s Life was at Risk!

Trooper, an orange tabby kitten, came to Open Door on March 10, after sustaining a life threatening injury from getting caught in a vehicle’s fan belt. We rushed him to House Springs Animal Clinic where he underwent emergency surgery to fix his pelvis which was severely damaged by the incident. Trooper pulled through surgery and now he’s back at the shelter getting better. The good news is that the injury will not affect his ability to be a happy, healthy cat. He is already healing and improving each and every day. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the Tom Cat’s Repair Fund to help animals like Trooper recover from life threatening injury and illness. We couldn’t save our precious angels without our supporters. To find out more about the Tom Cat’s Repair Fund or how you can help, visit Tom Cat’s Repair Fund.

Thunder, Whitey and Whiskey Were Near Death!

Watch this amazing rescue!


In January, Thunder, Whitey and Whiskey were rescued from the bitter cold temperatures –found chained to a chain-link fence in the back of a trailer park. We reached them  just in the nick of time. The day we received the call reporting the three abandoned dogs, the temperatures reached record lows and we knew that we had to act quickly. A combination of bitter temperatures and the absence of food and water created an urgent situation for these animals. Upon arrival, the dogs were exactly where the concerned citizen reported they would be. All three were tied to a fence with a short lead. They did not have food and were all underweight and in poor health. The water in all three bowls was frozen solid.According to a neighbor, the trio was abandoned three weeks prior, and neighbors were periodically feeding and providing water which is what kept them alive for this period of time. We noticed their soulful eyes right away. Despite  mistreatment, their temperament was very sweet and they seemed to welcome our rescue efforts that day. After cutting them free, we loaded them  into our van and drove them to a better life. Thunder, Whiskey and Whitey, are doing much better these days. Please consider joining our Heroes for Hope Monthly Giving Club to help our animals.

Hershey’s Liberation!

Watch Hershey’s Rescue Here

hershey 3January 6, 2014 –  Open Door responded to a call from a concerned citizen about an abandoned dog. The dog, now “Hershey”, had been left alone for many days without food or water and with very little protection from the severe weather and dangerous windchill affecting the area –  we were so lucky she was still alive! It is easy to see that Hershey was very happy that we came to her rescue. Once back at the shelter, she was examined by our veterinarian only to find out that in addition to being malnourished, she tested positive for heart worms. She made it through the treatment and is now available for adoption. Please consider becoming a member of our  Heroes for Hope Monthly Giving Club to help dogs Hershey and other animals at our sanctuary.

 Mom and Babies Rescued from Jefferson Barracks Cemetery!

jb momMany have asked about the Mom and babies we rescued from Jefferson Barracks Cemetery on December 29th. We’re very sad to report that we lost Mom today… she had cancer, severe heart worms and was suffering, so our vet. recommended that we let her go. She was a precious girl and we were hoping to finally give her the life she deserved. She was over 10 years old and had probably never known kindness from a human until a nice man saw her in the cemetery a few months ago. He started feeding her but was never able to get close enough to pet her. This relationship went on for a few months but once she delivered the puppies on December 21, her new friend became concerned about how they would survive during the winter, which is when we stepped in. The puppies were rescued one day, mom was trapped the next. Once back at the shelter, she was a perfect mom. Her friend from Jefferson Barracks came to visit nearly everyday and had hopes of adopting her, but sadly that day will never come. We are very thankful to him for taking the time to care for her. We do take comfort in knowing that she was warm, safe and most of all loved during the final days of her life. She left behind four precious angels… we’ll make sure they have a better life! This video was taken a few weeks after the rescue. It will be easy for you to see what a kind and gentle soul we lost today.