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Adoption Process

Open Door Animal Sanctuary has the largest selection of adoptable cats and dogs in the St. Louis Metro area. Whether you are looking for your first family pet or adding to your existing family, the staff at Open Door can help you find that special someone who is right for your home. The members of our cat-care and dog-care teams are experienced in matching up the right pet with the right situation and making sure your new family member is properly introduced to your current ones.



We send you home with a healthy pet and support you may need to help your new pet adjust to their new home.  All of our animals receive full medical and behavioral evaluations.  We take great pride in providing the finest possible veterinary care to our animals.  Our veterinarians provide a full array of preventative care for the cats and dogs when they first arrive and continue caring for them while they are living at our sanctuary. Our cats and dogs are given vaccinations, including rabies – when over four months old, de-wormed, spayed/neutered and microchipped. Dogs are tested for heartworms and given a heartworm and flea/tick preventative monthly. Cats are tested for feline leukemia/feline aids and given a flea/tick preventative.

8 3 16 VET DISCOur goal is to find permanent, loving homes for our cats and dogs so that they do not end up back on the streets and ultimately back at our sanctuary.  Before you visit Open Door, please be sure to discuss a new pet with other family members in the home to make sure they are all in agreement. Prior to meeting one of our cats or dogs, potential adoptors will be asked to complete a questionnaire . We reserve the right to decline any applicant who does not meet our adoption requirements. The next step is to fall in love with one of our furry friends! We will then schedule a visit to your home before finalizing the adoption.  Once this is done, your new best friend will be ready to come home.  There will be paperwork to sign and an adoption fee to pay.

Our adoption fee is $75 for adult cats (age one and over) and $150 for all dogs/puppies and kittens.  The adoption fee includes:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations (including rabies for animals over 4 months old)
  • microchip
  • current on heartworm preventative (dogs and puppies)
  • current on flea/tick preventative (all animals)

We will send you home with:

  • your cat or dog’s medical records
  • microchip registration
  • a starter bag of Purina One food
  • a bag of cat or dog goodies (treats, toys & more!)
  • collar, lead and ID tags (for dogs)

We do have one final requirement – you must promise to give your new family member. . .  100 Kisses EverydayOpen Door Animal Sanctuary has a lifetime return policy on our cats and dogs which means if you can no longer care for them, they must be returned to us.

Are you ready to adopt?

Open Door Animal Sanctuary is one of the area’s largest no-kill shelters. We have 400 cats and dogs available for adoption. We try to keep our on-line listing of pets updated but due to time constraints, some cats and dogs may not be shown. If you have a particular type of pet in mind, please give us a call at (636) 671-3643

Just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean that we don’t have the perfect pet for you!

We have our adoptables listed on both and  The full lists of cats and dogs can be accessed at the links below.  To search just our DOGS or just our CATS, please follow the Adopt a Dog or Adopt a Cat link below.


Reasons to Adopt an Adult Cat or Dog

No matter what kind of cat or dog you want to adopt, you should consider an older pet. Older pets will bring with them the same companionship and love you want, while needing less time or training than their younger counterparts. Before you take home a brand-new kitten or puppy, consider these top five reasons to adopt an older pet.

  1. No surprises: If you have a specific size or temperament in mind for your pet, then you can easily determine which older animal is best for you. With younger pets, many factors are still determining their size and personality; but older pets are fully grown, and their personalities fully formed. Spending some time with the animal before the adoption will give you a clearer picture on what to expect for each individual pet.
  2. No stress and no mess: Older pets have already been socialized and trained. Older cats and dogs will be litter-box trained or house broken. For you, this means the hardest part of getting a new pet is already taken care of, and your new pet will need less training and less supervision than a puppy or kitten. If you are a first-time pet owner or just don’t have the time to constantly clean up after your pet, then an older pet could be a perfect fit.
  3. Old dogs and new tricks: Not every older dog or other animal will be perfect, but don’t worry. Even the oldest animal can be retrained or even rehabilitated. Every home or individual will require different things of their pet. With time, patience, and proper training, your older pet can continue to learn new tricks and commands.
  4. Great companions: Your adult pet can provide great companionship. Many older animals will have low energy levels and be easy going. No matter your schedule, an older pet will be content to sleep away the day or cuddle up next you on the couch. Many older pets will also enjoy playing or exercising for short periods of time.
  5. You can save a life: First to go and last to leave, older pets need someone who cares. It is an unfortunate reality that older animals are  the last to be chosen for a new home. When you adopt an older pet, you are giving them a new lease on life.


View Our Adoptable Cats and Dogs

It’s tough to keep up pics and bios for the very large number of wonderful cats and dogs at our sanctuary. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or if you have a particular pet in mind, please give us a call. Just because you don’t find it listed, doesn’t mean we don’t have the perfect pet for you!

Adopt A Dog


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Seniors for Seniors Foster Program

You provide the home; we provide the pet! This program places senior cats (over 10 years of age) and senior dogs (over 8 years of age) with senior citizens. Open Door has over 100 senior pets who deserve a second chance for happiness. We help you choose the perfect companion and you simply agree to provide tender loving care – and of course, 100 kisses everyday! Open Door will provide food, wellness care (at our facility) and numerous other benefits. A win-win for all. Please contact us for more information.